Hotmail gives the Easiest Emailing Experience to the Users

Hotmail is the most advanced free web based email service which is uniquely designed and customized to provide the suitable access to the users to perform the mailing activities. It is perfectly setup as it consists of lots of inbuilt features which are very helpful for the users. It is still used by the millions of its users for communicating with their friends, clients and relatives to manage your business. You can share videos, photos and much more in an easy manner with this email service. There is Hotmail Technical Support Service is also available to help you and get you out from the problems which you usually face in your Hotmail.

There are the listed distinctive features of the Hotmail service:

  • Security:

The top security feature is available in Hotmail. Hotmail was already much secured from very beginning, but the introduction of HTTPS in the Hotmail for the entire session has made the Hotmail service secured from the all aspects.

  • Accessibility Office documents:

Free Microsoft office web apps are also available in the Hotmail. Via these apps any Hotmail user can view, edit, delete and share any office documents without downloading it to your computer. The user could open the word, excel or PowerPoint documents at anytime. This application consists of OneDrive so that the user doesn’t need to open them from his computer.

  • Real time collaboration of documents:

Many peoples mutually work on a same document at the same time with the help of the Hotmail via Microsoft open cloud application called OneDrive. Contact Hotmail Phone Number Uk

  • Sending the Large files:

You can be able to send a large files easily up to 10 GB in a single email attachments.

  • Single click Filter:

Some very useful and helpful single click filter option is given to the Hotmail users. Via this features users can now segregate their emails depending on the priorities and types like official emails, promotional emails and the social media updates.

  • Quick Views:

When a user wants to the check the emails with the documents, he could quickly filter those emails by clicking on the link of Documents that is given in the left pane. Similarly he can filter other types of the emails via the option of quick view.

  •  Active Views:

Hotmail can easily and quickly recognize the types of the attachments like videos or images an email is carrying and enable the user to view the attachments from the email without opening the attachment separately.

After looking the above listed measures, you will now know about the features of Hotmail which are very helpful for the users. If you are having any issue at anytime or you are in trouble with your Hotmail Account then you can contact to the Hotmail Customer Contact Number 0800 098 8424 to get the instant solutions and useful measures to resolve the all issues in an instant manner with appropriate measures. You may also avail proper guidance to perform the measures.

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