Google is one company which can truly be associated with constant innovation. The internet giant has quadrupled its business expanse in past few years and definitely will continue to do so. It is absolutely evident from their activities that Google is all about making things easier bit by bit. Google just recently released some new ad extensions which are about to make advertisements more visible with great reach. Lets take a look at some of the extensions launched by Google and what they bring to the plate! As a leading PPC company in Pune Cheap NCAA Jerseys , we thought that we should walk you through these amazing extensions.

The Tip of the Day Extension:

Who doesn’t like a good advice? Especially, if it is coming to them without taking any efforts. This new extension of Google allows advertisers to influence their target audience with daily clever tips. It wont boost your Click-through Rate (CTR) as such, but it can definitely nudge the ad viewers in the right direction.

The Hashtag Extension:

Everyone knows the importance of #s and what they can do for branding and traffic purposes. The more relevant #s you use in your ads, better the chances are for the conversion rate to get a boost. Through Google’s new Hashtag extension, ads can be better garnished with tags that link to several social media sites. Up to 50 hashtags can be used in one ad, although only up to 30 can be displayed at a time to keep things clutter-free.

The Extension Extension:

Yes Cheap Jerseys From China , that is the actual name of one of the newest extensions! Extensions are so important that Google launched an extension named ‘Extension’. The purpose of this extension is to make the ad bigger which extends the ad’s dimensions and increases the font size. The augmentation in size can definitely improve your ad’s visibility by making it stand out. Rumors are by Christmas, we might get to see the Extended Extension Extension. We wonder if that would cover-up half or the entire page in SERPs!

The GIF Extension:

Remember the time when Bing introduced its image extension back in 2015? Google’s GIF extension is basically a bigger, better and bit advanced counter to Bing’s image extension. The GIF extension enables advertisers to add a GIF below their ads and well, who doesn’t like GIFs.

These new extensions by Google will certainly offer good benefits to marketers and advertisers. However, the thing about new stuff is that in technology domain, it becomes old very soon! Although Cheap Jerseys China , considering Google’s traditional stance on innovation, we think that Google is already in the process of developing new extensions. Who knows? Maybe a Unicorn will soon start flying over the internet by the next summer in 2018. As a Google Adwords Partner Company, we are always up-to-date with the ongoing of the digital spectrum. So if you are looking for some knowledge boost, stay tuned for more information! A friend of mine was laid off just before his wife had twins. They were born pre maturely and needed a lot of extra care. He got word yesterday his father who had been at the same company for thirty nine years and eleven months was laid off just before he was eligible for his forty year retirement benefits. That hurts to say the least. We all have friends who锟絭e lost their jobs in recent months. Perhaps you锟絩e one of them.

We can find our backs against the wall in any number of ways. Sometimes we can get into such a jam it seems as if we have no options. Sometimes we锟絩e tempted to think because we have a special connection to God that we锟絩e immune from such circumstances. But such is not the case. For example, in 2 Kgs. 4:1, there was a woman married to one of God锟絪 prophets. He died and she found herself in overwhelming debt. It was so bad the creditor was coming to take her two sons as slaves to pay off the debt. There锟絪 a very real sense in which she was out of options. Maybe you锟絩e in a similar situation. What do you do?

First Cheap Jerseys , when you锟絩e out of options, go to the source of truth. Sometimes we find ourselves in trouble and we go to people who can锟絫 really help us. Ladies, when your marriage is in trouble it锟絪 no time to go to your gossiping girlfriends who just want to run men down. That锟絪 not helpful or God honoring. Men, if you锟絩e having problems at home it锟絪 no time to confide in that woman at work who seems to understand you better than your wife. These kinds of options are traps and lies Satan lays before us. Neither is it time to go to some counselor who will take your money and let you go where your feelings take you. This is no time to follow your feelings; this is a time to get a word from God. It doesn锟絫 matter if your problem is marital, financial, grief oriented Wholesale NCAA College Jerseys , or anything else, you need to get God锟絪 perspective. That锟絪 what the widow in 2 Kings did; she went to Elisha, God锟絪 man, to get God锟絪 take on her situation.

Second, when you锟絩e out of options, submit to God锟絪 directives by faith. The Bible is filled with counsel from the Lord for circumstances just like yours. God tells us how to deal with a husband who is not saved (1 Pet. 3:1f); how to find peace in the midst of hardship (Phil. 4:4f); how to keep our spouses from sexual temptation (1 Cor. 7:2f); how to minimize teenage rebellion (Deut. 6:4f); how to do your job (Eph. 6:6); and so much more. When you锟絩e in debt up to your eyeballs Wholesale NCAA Jerseys , there are certain things God would have you do or things that look good He would have you avoid. The point is that we need Him to help us. We can锟絫 trust our feelings or so called experts who give us unbiblical advice. What God asks you to do may not make sense. The widow had one jar of oil left and God told her through Elisha to gather as many oil jars as she could and fill them from the oil she had (2 6). Obviously God was going to d. Wholesale Jerseys   Cheap Jerseys   Cheap Jerseys China   Cheap NFL Jerseys   Wholesale NFL Jerseys   Wholesale NFL Jerseys   Wholesale Basketball Jerseys   Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys   Wholesale Jerseys China   Wholesale NFL Jerseys  

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