200kg Hot Selling Flake Snow Machine for Cold Desserts

This ice makers for sale Produces up to 200kgs . of very soft and smooth snowflakes per 24 hours.combined with for hands-free operation. 18kgs. capacity seperate bin. Air cooled. Stainless steel finish with LED touch screen for easy operation.

It is very popular where many take-out customers have and it satisfies customers by produce alternative types of menu, such as natural fruit juices, snow slush and sweet bean with snow. which is perfect for making various cold desserts!

Electrical supply: 220V-240V / 110V-120V 50Hz / 60Hz
Power: 1230W
Dimensions (mm): 580*550*1300
Net weight: 57kg
Daily capacity: 200kg/24hr
Snow store: 18kg

Loading quantity:
20GP: 40pcs
40HQ: 168pcs

If you are looking to upgrade beverage service at your bar or restaurant, then look no further than our ice makers commercial, filters, and dispensers. These units will fit the production level, capacity, and ice type you require. From head units built for high-volume production that rest atop your ice bin to compact undercounter models, there's an commercial ice makers for sale built to fit into your operation. You'll find our commercial undercounter ice maker compressors are air cooled or cooled by water. We can also offer remote cooled units to allow for flexibility with maintenance, noise control, and energy efficiency. Just call customer service for help in ordering one of those units. Each of our commercial countertop ice maker produces one of four different types of ice to best serve your business and customers.

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